Fga 4535ND Gold celebrates GLLL Championship!


Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Assaf (P '17, '19, '20) for taking great photographs at many of our tournaments.  For access to more pictures please contact clublax@nd.edu.

Here are some of our favorite pictures from the past two seasons.

Fga 39802015-2016 ND Blue & ND Gold at MSU

Fga 4680ND Gold

Fga 4689ND Blue & Gold

Fga 2296Will Phillips scoops up another ground ball

Fga 1748Ryan Cordero wins face-off against Andy Nelson

Fga 7440Jack Assaf lands a rusty gate check

Fga 4037Quinn Scallon will take your ball and then your girl


Img 41082015-2016 ND Gold wins GLLL Championship

Img 41062015-2016 GLLL Champs

Fga 6321ND Gold after winning the Midwestern Invitational Lacrosse Festival

Fga 4629Connor Fox celebrating with the trophy

Fga 1997Martin Buckley and Tyler Williams celebrate an OT goal in the GLLL semifinals

Fga 4723Ryan Onderdonk hoists the trophy

Img 5925Kevin Sohr celebrates a 4th quarter goal against OSU

Fga 4815L to R: Tom Witte, Ryan Seymour, Connor Fox, Nic Haydel